आमा हस्तकला उध्योग

With the motive of women empowerment, 5 women got together and formed this organization, AAMA HASTAKALA UDHYOG. The organization works towards improvement and betterment of women. We strongly believe that women can achieve more if given a chance, so Aama Hastakala has opened a platform for women of various ages and backgrounds to learn and earn for their living. 

Our Products

We sell different types of product; shoes, bags, decorative, handicrafts and many more. All the products are made by the trainers and the trainee.


We provide training on how to make all the products that we sell. 

  • Sewing and Cutting (सिलाई-कटाई)
  • Shoe Making- Nepali Shoe and Sandals  ( जुत्ता बनाउने-   मखमली जुत्ता तथा चप्पल)
  • Various Food related

Contact Information

Phone number: +977 9849181270

Mailing Address: aamahastakalaudhyog@gmail.com

Address: Thaiba, Lalitpur